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A white conservative and a black liberal cycling together to promote love and acceptance.

Two men, two backgrounds, two political leanings, coming together to promote love and acceptance of all.

Exploring the Gray.

We are divided as a country, and it is baffling why we are. Yeah, we have a land filled with diverse people from diverse backgrounds, religious affiliations, and of different races. So, it is understandable that we have our differences in politics and religion, but the truth is, these differences need not tear us apart.

There is beauty in diversity.

As a team, we thought it wise to come together in the little way we can. After all, it is the little things that make the difference. Our goal is, therefore, to show that despite our differences, we can in unity, come together to foster peace and progress. We are out to emphatically prove that despite our differences, we are still all part of the beautiful fabric that makes up this nation.

Unity Ride!

On Memorial Day 2017 we took off from Oceanside, CA headed to Washington, DC. We arrived in our Nations Capitol on July 4th and celebrated with the most amazing fireworks experience know to man.

The route was long and challenging, covering 3,200 miles of this beautiful country  in 35 days.  We traversed the mountains and deserts of California, up to the Grand Canyon, through Monument Valley Utah, climbed the Rockies at Wolf Creek Pass Colorado, on to the boring plains and wheat fields in Kansas, over to the Ozarks in Missouri, down to Kentucky and the Hills of Tennessee, up through the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia and on to the 4th of July fireworks in DC.

As we journeyed, we made sure to capture all of the moments. This we did through the making of a documentary film. It was an extremely beautiful experience, as it saw us learning about a certain side of our individual lives that we never really paid a mind to. We also learned about each other, and ultimately, we learned about our dear country, America.


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