Unity Ride 2018. New Orleans to Toronto. Exploring the Underground Railroad


  • u·ni·ty:  the state of being united or joined as a whole.  Within every divide there is unity.  Ride with us as we film an educational documentary exploring the pursuit of freedom.  We will share obscure stories of the places that hid the secrets. We will introduce you to the people, both enslaved and free, that risked it all with an unyielding and unwavering desire to change the course of history.  Showcase what was, highlight what is, inspire what could be.New Orleans


  • Museum of Art Whitney Plantation – Wallace, LA
  • Natchez Slave Revolts – Natchez,
  • MS Free State of Jones – Laurel, MS
  • Edmund Pettis Bridge – Selma, AL
  • Burritt on the Mtn – Hutsville, AL
  • Crescent Bend House – Knoxville, TN
  • Lucy and Thorton Blackburn – Louisville, KY
  • John Rankin House – Ripley, OH
  • John Rankin House – Ripley, OH
  • Josiah Henson Home – Dresden, Ontario
  • Harriet Tubman Church – St Catherine’s Ontario
  • Lucy and Thorton Blackburn Memorial – Toronto, Ontario

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